Hello Everyone,

IT is fantastic to be back fit and well, your support has been unbelievable. Thank you so much!!


AS you can see, we have a new updated website. In the ‘Shop’ section, apart from the most popular items, we also sourced some new ones; Slate Stands and Coasters and the Glass Clocks which are proving extremely popular.


AS always most of our products feature my own photographs from throughout the year. I have also added a few outside products that compliment what we already do – Wildlife and related Paper Napkins, which are going down very well – so much so, i have just added to the Pheasants and Foxes, a Hedgehog and Dogs, and a few others for good measure!

CHECK out the ‘Shop’ page, everything is in a SALE, as i have decided to finish doing the tradestand side of things. If you can think ahead for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary presents and dare i say Christmas, you may find a really good buy!!

Thankyou for your continued support.